Get 24/7 access to the Program's private health exchange—You may still qualify for a 2024 ACA individual/family comprehensive medical plan.

401k plans for U-Haul Dealers.

We help you get the right-fit life insurance you want with no-cost legal/estate services. Simple. Secure.

Stay healthy at home with unlimited, no-copay tele-health doctor visits. Plus a family health advocate and Rx savings. Our most popular ``big company`` benefit.

Top Value

Safe and secure insurance and benefit solutions online any time of the year.  With no in-person or worksite meetings.


The Dealer Benefits Program is a U-Haul-style “do-it-yourself” national resource for safe, secure and affordable health insurance, 401k and employee benefit solutions for authorized independent U-Haul Dealers hit hard by rising costs for healthcare, retirement and insurance.

Prime Service Objective

Like U-Haul itself, the Prime Service Objective of the U-Haul Dealer Benefits Program:

“To provide better and better service and benefits to more and more U-Haul Dealers and their business employees at greater and greater value.”

For over a decade, the Dealer Benefits Program has used advanced online tools and digital technologies to remotely serve the needs of U-Haul Dealers and business employees and families without requiring in-person contact at the worksite.

Through the Dealer Benefits national private health exchange and our technology and web-broker partner eHealth, you get your choice of the top-value health insurance and benefit deals we can find. Our partner for sponsored zero-fee 401k plans is SaveDay.  Family members and business employees are also eligible.  It is completely voluntary and portable – take it with you if you go.

The Dealer Benefits Program for Authorized U-Haul Dealers is administered for the benefit of U-Haul Dealers by

Dealer Benefits Network LLC

Your Partner for Outstanding Health and Insurance Benefits

Benefit Department: (888) 551-9801


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Get more information right at your fingertips!

Insurance and benefits can be confusing. But it doesn't have to be. We have a number of resources and services available 24/7.

Pays a cash benefit directly to you, over and above your regular health care plan.

Don't forget dental for you, your family, and your employees. Enroll yourself 24/7 all year.

Long Term Care is help, care, and assistance when you are no longer able to do your daily activities. Help cover those costs.

You, your employees, and all family members are eligible to join the U-Haul Federal Credit Union

We work hard to make your benefit enrollment decisions easy, so you can devote your time to your family, your Dealership, and your employees.

Choices and simplicity – We have both!

Check out our great insurance plans and benefits

More than just insurance - available 24/7

Protect your ability to earn an income with our disability benefit

Actually affordable limited benefit health insurance you can enroll for today.

All qualified medical insurance plans include a package of essential benefits and most preventive care is “free” (no deductible) under federal rules.