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Welcome Independent U-Haul Dealers!

Here's what Dealers are saying:

"Thanks for doing what you do.  Have a nice day." -- JM, Texas.
"Thank you so much to let our company be part of the big UHaul family and for all the cooperation you give to us." -- MC, Florida.
"We have so many programs we tend to let some slip by after a while, but this one may be close to the hearts of many dealers who didn't know or forgot about them.  Thanks for permission to forward this to the other dealers in my route to possibly spark their interest in these fine programs."  -- DR, AFM
"Thank you for the email you sent directing me to the appropriate website to review the U-Haul Dealer Benefits Program. I did not realize the scope of services that U-Haul offers to its Dealers, Employees and Families. I am reviewing the information tonight and I'll give you a call tomorrow to let you know how I make out." -- RL, Connecticut.





Here are some of the many benefits available to you!

On the U-Haul Dealer Benefits Private Health Exchange

A special message from U-Haul Dealer Support

Memo to: U-Haul Independent Dealers

Subject: Dealer Benefits Program

Every day we get requests from our U-Haul Independent Dealers for information and help with the insurance and benefits plans we sponsor. In an effort to step up the level of support and provide you with easier access to the best benefits available, we are pleased to announce you can simply call: 


to activate your Dealer Benefits package, including affordable Medical coverage.  Or, click here to visit the online private health exchange and enroll online:

You and your family members can now get personal assistance to help you take maximum advantage of the supplemental insurance and benefits sponsored by U-Haul. All Benefits are voluntary and portable, so you can also make them available to the employees of all your businesses, at no cost to the dealership.

U-Haul partners with leading companies in the fields of insurance, health benefits and dealership business support services to be able to offer outstanding Benefits for U-Haul Independent Dealers in all parts of the United States at the most competitive rates we can find.

We encourage each of you to evaluate the Dealer Benefits Program by using the national online private health exchange or speaking with a benefits specialist at the toll-free number above. It will take only a few minutes to hear about the Benefits available and the value they can bring to you and your dealership, your family and your employees.  Visit your Dealer Benefits website for more information:  Look in your Operations Manual for Dealer Benefits.  Or call (888) 551-9801 if you need further help.

We are excited about this expanded service and believe you will find the Benefits to be of exceptional value. And as always, we want your input, questions and feedback


Dealer Operations Support Team

U-Haul International, Inc. sponsors this Program solely for the benefit of Independent Dealers and receives no compensation for doing so. Dealer Benefits Network, LLC has arranged and administers this Program on behalf of U-Haul and Independent U-Haul Dealers and is compensated for doing so.

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